Assessment Procedure and Grading Policy
Boricua students progress toward their objectives at a varying pace, always aware of the criteria by which their performance will be assessed, and the relationship between their performance and the College’s academic standards.

Boricua awards letter grades at the end of each academic term to indicate level of “Mastery” of skills, competencies and subject matter achieved by the student (See Grading System Chart below) Assessment of academic achievement is an integral part of a student’s educational process and begins with a Learning Contract (See Page 34).

It continues in weekly Faculty Facilitator dialogues with a student throughout the term, and culminates in the recommendation of grades based on the cumulative recommendations of all faculty members who have worked with a student.

Recommended grades are reviewed by an Assessment Committee, (composed of the student’s Faculty Facilitator and two other Faculty Facilitators) who has the ultimate and official authority to award final grades. The Assessment Committee’s ratification and awarding of a grade depends on a student’s: attendance, participation and quality and quantity of work produced.

Grading System
The following system of academic grades is based on the principle of MASTERY as the symbol of satisfactory performance. Superior Mastery is a grade reserved only for extraordinary achievement and is subject to review.

Quality Points
Superior Mastery
Mastery with Conditions
MC-   or X
Mastery with Conditions (minus)
Needs Improvements
Unacceptable Repeat Course
Stopped Attendance/Withdrew before 4th week
Withdraw with special permission
Withdrew after 4th week
In Progress Thesis or Capstone Project

Grade Point Average (GPA)
The grade point average is obtained by multiplying the total number of quality points achieved by the number of credits achieved and dividing the result by the number of credits attempted.

GPA = (Quality Points X Credits Achieved)/ Total Course Credits Attempted

Penalty for Failure in Individualized Instruction Courses and Colloquium 
The academic major/concentration areas of study are taught primarily through Individualized Instruction courses, Colloquia and Experiential Studies courses. Withdrawal, non-attendance and/or failure to submit required written work in an acceptable form for Individualized Instruction courses and Colloquium within the required period of time will result in suspension from the college for that academic term, and a student will not receive a grade for any and all courses taken.

Boricua College’s Satisfactory Academic Progress
Students are required to maintain at least a 2.00 Grade Point Average in Individualized Instruction courses, Colloquium and Experiential Studies courses in order to be in good academic standing in their major area of study.

Students must also maintain an overall GPA of 2.00, each term and receive at least eight (8) credits in each Fall and Spring term and at least five (5) credits during the Summer term.HEOP Students may achieve at least seven (7) credits during the Fall and Spring terms and four (4) credits in the Summer term. (See Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards on Page 27).

Poor Academic Standing and Academic Probation
Students unable to achieve the stipulated number of credits and GPA for two consecutive terms are considered in Poor Academic Standing. Failure to improve during the next term results in student being placed on Academic Probation. In order to register for subsequent terms, students on academic probation will require approval from the appropriate Academic Administrator(s) and verification by the Director of Registration and Assessment and Director of Financial Aid.