The Library and Learning Resources system includes all those structures and functions of the College that provide students and faculty with the material and technological resources necessary to complete their assigned tasks.

With branches in both the Manhattan Campus and Brooklyn Campus, the system consists of the following units:

  • The Library’s Basic Collections, Instructional Modules Collection, Special Collections, Inter-Library Network, On-line Collections
  • Computer Labs, Natural Science Labs, Electronic Classrooms, Physical Education Gymnasium;
  • Buildings, grounds, and other physical facilities.

The Basic Collection includes the general liberal arts and science collection as well as special holdings for each academic program according to standards established by the State Education Department, the National Library Association, and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Instructional Modules Collection
The Instructional Modules collection contains 15,778 volumes. An Instructional Module is a student learning manual developed and used by the faculty in the Individualized Instruction courses offered by the College.

Faculty Publications and Writings
A collection of selected publications and writings of faculty and staff of Boricua College.

Special Collections

Map Collection
The Map Collection, a donation of the American Geographic Society, represents the Society’s illustrious work over many years, as a leading and world-renowned institution of scholarship, exploration, and map-making. The Map Collection contains 9,000 maps depicting the historical development of the world, its geography, population distribution and other features of its physiography. The Manhattan Campus in Audubon Terrace, purchased by the College in 1980, is housed in the former building of the American Geographical Society building.

Puerto Rican Diaspora Collection
This collection chronicles the Puerto Rican migration as reflected in books, periodicals, letters, clippings, documents, taped interviews, and photographs, from published materials and collections, both from the mainland and Island. With the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Diaspora Project resulted in publications and exhibits aimed at preserving a vital component of Puerto Rican history and strengthening the network of persons concerned with the work of cultural preservation. It is distributed between the two campuses and consists of 1,300 volumes.

Inter-Library Network
The College is a member of the Metropolitan and Reference Research Library Network (METRO) providing an avenue for Boricua students and faculty to use the services of hundreds of libraries in the metropolitan area.

Computer Laboratories and Electronic Classrooms
The Computer Labs provide for the teaching of computer skills required of all Boricua students. The College has four (4) computer labs with twenty-five (20) computer workstations each with standard software for word processing and academic software in English and mathematics. Research software is also available to all students and faculty. Electronic classrooms include seventy-five (75) computers communication with Internet access. Smartboards are available in all three campuses

Natural Science Laboratories 
The Science Labs provide learning resources for the introductory lab courses. There are three general science labs  at the Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan Campuses.

Physical Development
Physical development and maintenance of health is an important component of Boricua’s academic philosophy. Courses in yoga, dance, martial arts and lectures on personal health and other physical activities regularly take place and are part of the required curriculum.

Buildings and Grounds 
The College operates three Campuses  in New York City all near major population concentrations of Puerto Ricans and other Latinos. The Manhattan Campus is the main campus, located in Upper Manhattan (3755 Broadway) in the historic Audubon Terrace complex.

The Brooklyn Campus is located at 9 Graham Avenue (Avenida Puerto Rico), in Brooklyn.

The Bronx Campus is located in a totally new 14 story building located at 890 Washington Ave. as short distance from the main campus in Manhattan Each facility contains administrative and faculty offices, colloquium rooms, classrooms, library, common meeting rooms, art exhibit spaces and laboratories for computer sciences and  natural sciences.

Boricua facilities are specially adapted to their unique educational mission, and their locations are chosen to allow students to learn at a place convenient to their homes and jobs in order to minimize transportation and other costs. The College is also an active partner with the communities it serves and a strong collaborator in the economic and cultural development of the communities.