The Honors List
The Honors List is announced at the beginning of the Fall term of each academic year. Eligibility for the Honors List requires being registered for all three terms of the previous academic year, and a grade point average of at least 3.50. A failing grade in any course during those three terms will cause the student to be ineligible. The Honors List status is noted on the student’s official transcript.

Graduation Honors
There are three honor grades for the Associate and Baccalaureate degree candidates: a degree with Summa Cum Laude shall be granted to students whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) is at least 3.90. A degree with Magna Cum Laude shall be granted to students whose cumulative grade point average is at least 3.70. A degree with Cum Laude shall be granted to students whose cumulative grade point average is at least 3.50. (For an explanation of G.P.A. See Page 49.) In addition, special awards are presented at Commencement to four graduates from the Generic Studies Department and one graduate from each of the Specialty Studies departments.

Life Experience Credits
A student seeking Boricua College credit for life-experience-learning (e.g., employment, community leadership, travel, military experiences and/or non-college course work) may contact his/her Faculty Facilitator for guidance in the preparation of a portfolio documenting such experience and the competencies derived there from. The Department of Registration and Assessments provides students with a complete set of guidelines regarding the preparation of the Life Experience Portfolio. Upon receipt of the Life Experience Portfolio, an Assessment Committee evaluates it and awards credits. A maximum of thirty (30) credits may be allocated to Life Experience Learning. Only students with excellent academic records will be allowed to attempt “Life Experience” credits, and only with the written recommendation of the Department Chairperson and the written approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Students entering the College may qualify for up to thirty (30) credits by scoring at or above the median for freshmen on the General and Subject examinations of the New York State College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Information about CLEP may be obtained from the Department of Registration and Assessments.

Transcript Requests
Official transcripts of a student’s academic record are only released upon submission of a signed Transcript Request Form to the Department of Registration and Assessments. No transcript may be prepared or released without written verification that the student does not have any past due library books or College equipment and outstanding balance, tuition and/or fees. A processing fee is charged for each transcript request.

Graduation and Retention Rates
Boricua College enrolls an FTE of approximately 1,100 students each academic year, historically maintains a high retention level, and regularly graduates over 300 students a year. For further information please consult the Department of Registration and Assessments.