For your convenience, all of these documents are downloadable in PDF but they remain the property of Boricua College. (Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent is required)

Specific Course Information/ and or Requirements

  1. BS and MS Practicum I and II Log requirements – download


Applications and  Handbook

  1. Application for Admission – Undergraduate Studies – download
  2. Application for Admission – Graduate Studies – download
  3. Student Handbook – download
  4. Transcript Application – download
  5. Graduation Application – download

General College Information

  1. College Catalog – download
  2. College Calendars
  3. Crime Data (Clery Act) – download
  4. Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy – download


  1. MSCHE Accreditation Information – download
  2. The New York State Education Department Board of Regents Charter – download
  3. CAEP Accreditation Letter for the Teacher Preparation National Accreditation – download