Boricua College - 2020 Graduates

June 30, 2020

Dear Graduates,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, administration, and your Faculty Facilitators, I congratulate you on the completion of your academic degrees, during the most difficult time in the recent history of the world.

You are our heroes.

Many of us grew up with the fear of the world’s destruction by large atomic bombs. Instead, a tiny, invisible, microscopic virus has created a world-wide pandemic disaster that will affect many, before it leaves us. COVID-19 has also exposed, to the clear light of day, the medical, political, and economic injustice of racism that has existed in the shadows of this nation’s cultural history since its founding. But change is coming and I want you graduates to help make it happen. Do not become spectators.

You are our heroes.

You may fear there is very little you can do to irradicate political, medical, and economic racist injustices. If so, then fear is your greatest obstacle. Believe, that by the sum total of all your small actions in each of your communities, the change will surely be realized. Remember the intellectual skills, affective values, and professional competencies of Boricua’s humanistic education, for they will give you strength and purpose.

You are our heroes.


Victor G. Alicea, Ph.D.